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Invitation for participation in the 11th edition of the international theatre Festival „Slavija 2012“


International Theatre Festival
„SLAVIJA 2012“
9-16 March 2012, Belgrade


We invite all the interested theatres, theatre companies and theatre troupes to send their applications for the festival, which has been held in Belgrade for more than a decade,
traditionally in the period 9-16 March.

The festival is not limited by genre. It is of competitive type, and only one award for the best production is given by a distinguished three-member international jury.

The festival’s objective is to present the best quality theatre projects from all over the world, and to exchange thoughts, ideas, plans

and experiences in project implementation and repertory policies, as well as the future cooperation and exchange of projects.

Please send your applications (and DVD) by 30 October 2011. 
Final selection will be made by the end of 2011.


Batrić Žarković
SLAVIJA Theatre Managing Director
SLAVIJA Festival Selector

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