Folk-punk-anarho-singer-songwriter Efa Supertramp nastupa u Žici

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Folk-punk-anarho-singer-songwriter Efa Supertramp nastupa u žici!

Domaća podrška je band The End Is Near [acoustic/country rock].

Veče otvara Alek Novak.

utorak 18. septembar od 21h!

Efa Supertramp is a folk punk singer songwriter from Wales. She’s young, energetic and original. Her songs are angry but uplifting and passionate, she hates money, power and greed but loves living life as free as she can. She has toured all over the UK, playing in protests, squats, street corners, living rooms, bars and festivals and recently supported The Damned. Efa has been playing gigs since the age of 15 when she started Welsh punk band The Stilletoes, who toured and released a pink vinyl single.

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