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… by the way… u Muzeju savremene umetnosti Vojvodine, Novi Sad

The works of twelve Austrian artists in the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
… by the way…Curators: Werner Fenz, Evelyn Kraus, Mirjana Peitler
Exhibition opening: Monday, March 21, 2011
4pm – City’s public space by the Jovan Soldatovic Monument on Danube Kai.
7pm – in Museum of contemporary art Vojvodina MSUV 

The idea of the exhibition entitled …by the way… is motivated by

the desire of the artists from Austria to create new works especially for the audience in Novi Sad, which are based on the analysis of the current socio-political situation, and equally suitable for both artistic and public space display. Also, their attention is to «introduce», as more directly as possible, citizens of the City to the range of themes that are currently at the centre of public attention.

The question of the European identity or particularly the «everyone-for themselves» identity; alienation among people, instead of shared, more human future; empowerment through the new interpretation of the electric fence wire; «liberation» of workers from their work and workplaces; the media reports about the fights in the parliaments, as a question of political (non)cultural behavior; the large posters of the same-sex married couples; invitation to the passers-by to choose European person who they know about and they would like to be; texts of the immigrants placed randomly on the streets in the form of police tape; placing the life belts to form the target on the Danube… are just some of the irritating issues with which will these young artists from Austria populate the public spaces in Novi Sad.

…In most cases there is no serious and thorough investigation of the causes, but the people are facing the facts that activate their existential fears witch construct antagonistic images and frightening ideas, such as a job insecurity and unemployment, the threat from the newcomers, constant observation as a guarantee of the absolute safety and «purity». The list of the factors that can cause the uncertain future ranges from the scenario of the fear from personal existential  uncertainty to the negative change of the environment, such as the example of growing climate disaster.

The artists are invited to express their opinion about the current social discourses and to, through the creation of the new works made especially for this occasion, make a contribution to the critique of the social reality today.

The Artists:
Wolfgang Becksteiner l Fedo Ertl l M. Gansberger l G.R.A.M. l Klub
Zwei l Erwin Stefanie Posarnig l Oliver Ressler l Marusa Sagadin l
Chris Swoon l Eva Ursprung l Markus Wilfling l zweintopf

Financed by: Kultur Steiermark und Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark

For more details please vist the website: www.msuv.org


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