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Youth Exchange – Youth for Youth

Resource Centre Leskovac was founded as a part of Resource Centres Network in March 2002 by Swedish Helsinki Committee for human rights and CHRIS Network-Committees for human rights in Serbia with a mission to act as a focal point and interlocutor of local initiatives in different programmes (public advocacy, development, education etc). Resource Centres are made to be tools and resources in order to increase life style quality in local communities. Since the target group of Resource Centre Leskovac is local community in general, especially marginalized and vulnerable groups, media, governmental and non-governmental organizations, activities were started just after the founding, stressing the local community needs. We achieve the goals through intensive mutual communication (strategic consultations, programme exchange) as well as through cooperation with local NGO’s, project authors and partners, local cultural scene activists, different municipal services. Implementation of RC goals depends much of cooperation with local authorities.

According to its goals, Resource Centre Leskovac has areas of work developed as programmes:

•    Local community development programme created to empower community and its members through education, improved flow of information, campaigns etc. The goal is to raise awareness on different issues and help community to bridge over and understand the transition process and prepare it for integration into EU.

•    Youth affirmation programme, which was created to help youth from local community to express their creativity and exhibit, works but also to provide them with relevant education. One of the goals of the programme is to actively involve participants in programmes creation and avoid their passive presence.

•    Practicing tolerance programme created to promote good neighbouring relations between different ethnic groups in local community and raise awareness on non-discrimination issues. Resource Centre Leskovac is a member of pan-european networks United against racism and Youth for exchange and understanding.



Our aim with this youth exchange is to identify differences and commonalities by sharing their personal experiences, discussing about the roots and ways of overcoming immigrants discrimination, developing inter-cultural communication skills and motivating the participants to multiply the acquired knowledge in various follow-up events in local and international level.

Even though Serbia is not still a member state of EU, Serbia is a participating state of the organization for security and co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and has therefore obliged itself to adhere to the organization’s commitments, many of which relate to the rights and protection of national minorities.

The main aim and goal of our project is to create a space where young people from across Europe will explore the topic of inclusion and integration of youth from minority groups in youth work. With our project we would like to find ways how to include and integrate youth from minority groups into youth work in order to give them opportunities to shape their own future.



– to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance among youth living in Southern Serbia by using different methodologies (non-formal education, interactive participation, equal opportunities for everyone principle;

– to stimulate capacity building of young people in order to strengthen their position in society and local communities by offering them information, experiences and education;

– to create a space for effective peer to peer education developing personal and group skills;

– to explore the current situation of youth from minority groups in each participating country and to search for similarities and differences;

– to identify and reflect each participants current contact with the topic;

– to create a space for sharing the experiences of youth work;

– to work on methods / strategies and concrete initiatives and projects to improve the inclusion and integration of youth from minority groups in youth work and NGO`s.


The activity will be held at Vlasina Lake (South Serbia). More information about the place here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlasina_Lake

The exchange will be based on non-formal education methods, encouraging active participation of young people involved.


The exchange will be based on non-formal education methods, encouraging active participation of young people involved.

  • Ice-breakers, energisers.
  • Inputs from experts
  • Simulations, role plays
  • Intercultural and experiential learning
  • Variety of visuals for thematic input
  • Brainstorming and discussions both in working groups and in plenary.


The working language of the training course will be English.



Resource centre Leskovac will cover all costs related to accommodation, and 70% of travel costs (cheapest way) from the resident country. An enrolment fee is payable by each participant in order to support the overall budget of the event. It will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed for travel costs. The eligible countries are:

Country Participation fee Limits for travel costs
Italy € 20 € 250
Poland € 20 € 250
Lithuania € 20 € 350
FYRO Macedonia € 20 € 100
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 20 € 100

DOCUMENTS FOR REFUND: participants are obliged to have receipts of the ticket, boarding pass and invoices of credit card that was used for buying the tickets for online payments. All participants will be refunded after the event.

Preferred PROFILE OF PARTICIPANT (priority will be given to those that most closely meet this criteria):

  • Youth leaders very motivated to act in their sending organisation
  • Are over 18 years old
  • Have an interest in  the topic
  • Willing to learn & motivated to share experience with others  after the event
  • Are able to work in English
  • Are committed to attend for the full duration of the exchange

(Gender balance, group diversity in terms of different social and cultural backgrounds will be taken into consideration)


In order to apply candidates must send completed application form from their Youth Organisation which should be e-mailed to Resource centre Leskovac office.

Applications to be emailed latest 15th MAY 12:00 CET to vlada@rcleskovac.rs

Participants will be selected on the basis of their applications and ensuring a balance in terms of gender, organizational participation and cultural background.

Looking for participants for youth exchange on Vlasina Lake, June 02nd-07th, about involvement of youth from minority grups and their integration.

Eligible countries: Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania and Poland.

Apply at vlada@rcleskovac.rs


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