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The Young Visual Artists Awards

International exhibition and symposium
Exhibition: 4 October 2011 – 26 February 2012
Symposium: 4 October 2011
Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

The Young Visual Artists Awards programme is an international award programme for young visual artists in Central and Southeastern Europe with a residency programme in the US. This initiative was established with President Vaclav Havel and a group of artists in Czechoslovakia in 1990. National exhibitions and award ceremonies are held annually in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania and Bulgaria. The events in Bratislava will bring together national finalists and winners, art professionals and supporters from this network to further elaborate on the programme as well as to present a selection of works by the young artists.

The title of the exhibit is ironapplause.net, which refers to the phenomenon of applause as both a moment of appreciation and admiration as well as a mechanism of synchronisation, participation and networking. The so-called iron applause goes even further, as the audience is so impressed that they continue to clap even after the iron fire-proof curtain of the theatre is lowered. The exhibition will present a selection of works of over 400 finalists and winners of awards.

The international symposium will comprise three panels, which will dwell on contemporary art, possibilities for its support, the importance of artist networking and the wider implications for the region.

Click here for the invitation. A catalogue (English) and a blog with reviews from international writers will accompany the events.

Organiser: The Foundation for a Civil Society, New York
Local coordination: The Foundation – Center for Contemporary Art, Bratislava

ERSTE Foundation is the main partner.

More information is available at www.yvaa.net.

Photo: Enkelejd Zonja (Albania), Ordinary Meal, 2008. 220 x 160 cm, oil on canv

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