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The Luminescence of Nature – „Contest

Dear All,


Do you like to take pictures of wildlife, plants, landscapes or people that are displaying the luminescence of nature? If so then take part at our  „Contest“.


Here are the guidelines:




As you might have read before in our status we have been asked to allow posting of pictures. So we decided to launch a little group activity. We will open our wall for posting pictures untill Sunday evening 20:00 GMT+2 for you. You can post your best pictures here on our wall that match the theme and receive constuctive criticism and a platform that shows your photography skills. Your pictures will be collected in a seperate folder and the pic with the most likes will be the album cover. Futhermore we are going to create a slideshow that unifies your works and displays the endless beauty of nature. Please post just one pic per day and person. Of course you are free to put your watermark on the pictures to make sure your name appears in the slideshow to prevent confusion.


Have Fun. Be Creative.


Yours Phatic Photography http://www.facebook.com/Phatic.Photography


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