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Cortisonici – Shortfilm Festival (Cortisonici Festival di cortometraggi)

The cultural Association Cortisonici is announcing the 9th Edition of Cortisonici – Shortfilm Festival.

The event will take place in Varese (Italy) from the 17th to the 21th April, 2012 and the organizers are inviting all the future participants from the region to take part in this unique festival.


Event dates: 17 – 21 April, 2012
Film Entry Deadline: 15th January 2012
1.The application is open to directors/producers and filmakers, without any  racial, religious or nationality discrimination.
2. Short-films could have been presented to other competitions, but the previous Cortisonici editions.
3. Shortfilms must have been finalised after January 1st, 2011.
4. To be eligible, works must:
– Last totally up to15 minutes;
– Not be or contain advertising messages;
– Not be or contain promotional videos or videoclips;
– Not be or contain racist or defamation messages;
– Be in Italian, or subtitled in Italian or in English.
5. Participating to Cortisonici is free.
6. To participate, applicants must send before the Film Entry
Deadline, the following material:
– 1 DVD copy of the short-film
– The completed Application Form
– A bio-filmography of the director
The organizer will require a Mini-DV copy of the selected works, which must reach Cortisonici two weeks before the event, otherwise the participant could be excluded.

7. The Application Form must be completed for each film presented and by the rights’ owners. In the event of the Applicant’s failure to meet the deadline, or of inaccuracies in
any Application Form, the Organizers shall be free of all obligations whatsoever to enter such a film for the selection.

8. Applicants must send maximum two works. Anyway, only one will be selected to participate to the contest. Each DVD support must consist of only 1 film. Its cover must clearly state director’
name and surname, the film’s title and its length.

9. The material must be sent before the Film Entry Deadline at the following address:
C/o Filmstudio90
Via De Cristoforis,5
21100 VARESE
10. Works must be sent to the above-mentioned address by the 15th January 2011. Cortisonici will not reimburse any transport cost.

11. The festival Organizer will not be responsible for loss or damages during the transportation and during the event.

12. The Applicant bears the responsibility that all rights necessary for the public screening of the film are adequately cleared. Applicants are responsible for the content and for the
music of their works. Cost for transportation of DVD for selection, for competition copies and all other transportation costs shall be borne by the Applicant.

13. All DVD and promotional kits sent to the pre-selection will not be returned and will integrate the Cortisonici archives, being its promoters authorized to its use for cultural or
educative purposes. The Organizer reserves the right of reproduce the materials for cultural aims, giving knowledge to the interested parts.

14. The pre-selection will be done by a Special Selection Team. The Jury of qualified cinema experts will assign the “JURY AWARD TO THE BEST FILM“, consisting in € 1000,00.
The Festival Jury will be chosen by the Organizer among Film Professionals and Specialists. Their names will be posted on the website in January/February 2012 and the film
directors/producer contacted by email.
The Public Award will be assigned through a vote during the Festival itself.
It is reserved to the Festival Organizer to assign a Special „Ronzinanti“ Award.
The Festival Jury may decide the attribution of Special Mentions.
All the results are unappellable.

15. The Festival Organizer may choose to project some of the non-selected films in an apposite section of the Festival.

16. Due to a large number of applications, only selected applicants will be contacted by email at the end of February 2012.

17. The Festival Organizer reserves the right to insert the necessary changes to the present Regulations and to suspend then Festival if necessary.

18. Personal data and information will be used only for Festival aims and for possible cultural events organized by the Associations Filmstudio90 and Ronzinanti.

19. The Festival program and more information about Cortisonici 2010 will be published on www.cortisonici.org

20. The selected films’ directors will be informed about their invitation to Varese during the Festival. Cortisonici cannot guarantee to reimburse travel’s tickets and accommodation to
the participants.

Entry and participation of a film implies unconditional acceptance of the above regulations. In unclear cases, the festival management will make a final decision.

For more information please contact:
Foreign Applicants Office:

You can download the regulations and application form here: http://www.cortisonici.org/public/news/Regulations_and_entry_form_Cortisonici2012.pdf


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