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Call for volunteers for festival: „Following I.B. Singer’s traces“

One of polish organization The „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre is
looking for young people, who want to take part in international voluntary
Festival: „Following I.B. Singer’s traces“ will be an artistic and
educational event for children, youth and older people in four towns which
were mentioned in Isaac Beshevis Singer books (the author of “The
Magician of Lublin”):
Biłgoraj, Józefów Biłgorajski, Tyszowce, Szczebrzeszyn . Jugglers,
actors, performers, musicians and ecucators will embark on a journey
following traces of the old pre-war past.

International group of volunteers will stimulate and revive the local
population to their own cultural and educational development. Volunteers
in cooperation with the locals will work for three days in each town doing
various artistic workshops and on the last day, all together will have to
prepare a little town festival.

The aim of the project is to recall the multicultural past of the Lublin
region by acting with international artists and volunteers, to establish
new international partnership, to activate people from poor, neglected
areas and motivate them to do their own projects.

Where: Lublin (Poland)
When: 9-25.07.2011
For more information please contact Aleksandra Duź [
mailto:ola.duz@tnn.lublin.pl ]ola.duz@tnn.lublin.pl

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