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Balkans, let’s get up! Call for Applications 2013

Are you ready to take on the social challenges of your surroundings?
Balkans, let’s get up! Call for Applications 2013
In Balkans let’s get up! we connect theory and practice of civic involvement. To strengthen civic activism in our
Balkan Region, we provide possibilities for your very own social and civic commitment. Two one-week
International Spring Schools set the focus on the topics of “Ecological Activism” and “Mobility and Migration”.
From May 10th – 18th you can discuss societal relevant topics, learn aspects of project management, meet with
experts, and develop your own project ideas. After the Spring Schools, there is a possibility for project grants
and the participation in further trainings.
For applying, your educational and working background, religion, ethnicity and experience in
international exchange or project management are of no importance. If you are motivated to play your
active part in your society, you are the right person to apply for the BLGU programme. Each of the
seminars is conducted in a country in the Balkan Region. The working language is English.
The requirements are:
 Age from 18 to 27
 Willing to contribute to your society with civil activism
 Ability to discuss in English
 Citizenship of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro,
Romania or Serbia
 Motivation and time to take part in each step of the programme
Spring Schools: 10.05. – 18.05.2013:
In two different International Spring Schools we will discuss innovative approaches to democratization,
what democracy means on different levels of society, and which forms of active engagement are possible
to single individuals and groups. You will meet like-minded people from all over the Balkans and discuss
what is important for you and your civic involvement. The Spring Schools can be the starting point for
realizing your project.
Project Management Seminar: 01.07. – 06.07.2013:
The best project drafts will be selected and you will be invited to a Project Management Seminar. During
this week we will support you in further developing your idea. Various aspects will be planned according
to the particular needs of your individual projects. Topics such as time management, conflict management,
communication, public relations, and fundraising will be a part of it.
Between the Project Management Seminar and the Evaluation and Perspective Seminar you will have time
to implement your project. You will be accompanied by experienced Mentors.
Evaluation Seminar and Final Conference: 03.11. – 08.11.2013:
The Seminar brings you together one more time in order to reflect upon the results and the process of
your projects. It addresses future chances that open up due to the new experiences and networking
opportunities acquired within the programme year, which allow for sustainable engagement and support.
You will get acquainted with local and regional NGOs and other young people taking action in the region.
How to apply
Online at www.blgu.org until 22.02.2013. Send us:
 Filled out application form for one of the Spring Schools: Mobility and Migration or Ecological Activism
 A letter of motivation: Why do you want to take part in “Balkans, let’s get up!“ programme? Tell us
with up to 400 words about your personality and your motivation.
 Answer the question in the online form with up to 400 words in a short essay, poem or short story.
By applying for BLGU you agree to our programme-agreement attached to the application form.
We are looking forward to your application!
Your Balkans, let’s get up! Team
Winner of the German “Youth
Democracy Award” for 2010
Balkans, let’s get up! inspires
and empowers young adults from
nine Balkan countries to become
active citizens and initiate change
in their societies. Within our
programme the participants learn
about democracy and civil society,
develop project management skills,
and implement their own project
ideas. The educational modules of
the programme are based on learning
through experience and aim at
strengthening teamwork, taking
up responsibility, and developing
critical thinking. Empathy and
appreciation play a special role in
our supportive approach. We implement
Balkans let’s get up! in
cooperation with Theodor-Heuss-
Kolleg, a program of Robert Bosch
Stiftung and MitOst Association.

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