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Antwerp has been designated European Youth Capital for 2011. The Evens Foundation and its partner StampMedia are using this opportunity to organize a conference for young European reporters, YoungPress.eu.  This conference will take place from 27th until 29th October 2011, in Antwerp(Belgium).


We wish to engage, in particular, the news and opinion-makers of tomorrow. We are thus inviting 100 young journalists(in-the-making) between 18-26 from all over Europe to take part in reflection and debate on the future of news broadcasting and the challenges they face, using a series of polemical questions as their starting point.

The main themes of the conference are:

Ø  the omnipresence of ‘instant’ media

Ø  the threat to high-quality journalism

Ø  the spread of biased information

Ø  new models and experimentation by independent journalists

The conference will consist of a series of lectures, debates and workshops around these themes. Key experts are being invited to shed light on contemporary media and share their insights, guidance and recommendations. The 100 young journalists will have the opportunity to start a dialogue with renowned media experts, including Robert FiskRob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen (Sochi Project), Annabel McGoldrickOlaf KoensIngrid LietenHenk BlankenRobin Hamman, and many others.

Interested candidates should submit their applications online at www.YoungPress.eu, before 15th June 2011.


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